Thursday, August 8, 2013

Misconceptions About Church Communication

A Perceptive post on church communication by Len Wilson. Apparently it's been up for awhile, but I wasn't following him when it first went live, and thankfully he just retweeted it today:

A Massive Misconception About Church Communication

Great insight on the predominant protestant misunderstanding that church communication as merely a marketing tool to share information (and I, too, secretly admire those Church Marketing S@cks folks):

          "I am very much for using church communication to strategically shape a church’s story
           and create a covenantal community."

That's the right reason! It has a marketing and informational component, but that's not the purpose...story and community is. Bingo!

Love the quote from Mike Slaughter in response to the debate about whether a church should be “missional” or “attractional” (a false dichotomy - it's both/and: "The gospel is offensive. We’re just making sure you know you’ve been offended.”

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