Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Scaring Off First-Time Visitors?

Great article from Thom Rainer which highlights several vital "first impressions" areas that can unintentionally scare off first-time visitors:
5 Things the Unchurched See When They Come to Your Church
By Thom Rainer • Outreach Magazine 09/06/2012
Ironically, these are not typically the areas most pastors and ministry leaders think to check; after all, we tend to be understandably focused on the first impressions of the worship service, the announcements, the message & the visuals, & how people will receive these vital ministry connections.

Having visited some 400+ churches myself as well as spending alot of time helping unchurched people make church connections, I would heartily affirm Rainer's findings.  These 5 things aren't the main reason we do church ministry and they're certainly not the most important aspects, but nevertheless they do have a lasting influence on those who visit.

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