Tuesday, January 1, 2013

About This Blog

This blog is about the semiotics of church communication…in other words, the way that we (the Church) communicate our message publicly and how well we do so.

I’m interested in how well we “read” our culture & society’s trends, what methods we use to communicate the message of Jesus to our culture, how we use signs & symbols to engage our culture, and how relevant & useful our metaphors & narratives are.

This blog will explore our successes and failures at communication. When I see outstanding examples of relevant & meaningful communication that inspires, I want to share that. When I encounter misleading & confusing church communication that confounds, I want to explain how to do it better. And when I find hilarious (& sometimes embarrassing) “here’s your sign” moments in our church communication, I want to get a good laugh from it but also learn from it. If you’ve been around the Church as long as I have, you know that we likely have enough fodder to keep me posting ’til Jesus returns.

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